September 2016


The Five Best Science Fiction Blogs Of 2016

As a Science Fiction fan, you would probably look for online resources to go to, either for inspiration or just for the sake of reading. Well, here are three science fiction websites you might want to look at, and read about your most favorite genre aka Sci-Fi. Tobias S Buckell has already been awarded as a New York Times Best Selling Author. He received…


Never Watch These 3 Science Fiction Movies

Like any other movie, there are science fiction films that are just not worth your time.  SuddenlyPress has got you covered, so just don’t watch these ones: Jurassic Shark (2012) This is a parody to Spielberg’s Jaws and Jurassic Park with parody being an exaggeration and imitation of something to make it appear hilarious. This movie showcases a prehistoric shark which ends is years of…