Quick 2017 Round Up | Note The Following Movies

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Are you excited about the upcoming movies? Of course, all of us wants to know what are the bad ass movies in store for us this  2017. I have the four hottest movie picks that you can be excited about.

Thor: RAGNAROK – November 3, 2017Thor 3 Movie poster

What to watch out:

  • Asgard threatened with Norse Apocalypse
  • Sad to say but there will be no Jane Foster this time
  • Thor and Hulk in a gladiators arena
  • The movie will play a big part in creating Avengers: Infinity War

I must admit that I wasn’t impressed with the first two installments of Thor, but this third serving looks promising. I can see an action packed movie treat with this one.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES – May 26, 2017Pirates of the caribbean movie poster

What to watch out:

  • Captain Jack Sparrow’s old enemy is back named Captain Salazar after he escaped the Devil’s Triangle
  • After the Fountain Youth, Captain Sparrow is now in search for Poseidon’s Trident
  • There is a new female lead by the name of Kaya Scodelario

I’m excited to see Captain Jack back on the screen. I bet this is going to be another scintillating masterpiece. I want to see if Jack Sparrow can control the sea with the mighty Trident.


FIFTY SHADES DARKER – February 10, 2017Fifty Shades Darker movie poster

What to watch out:

  • Let’s meet and greet the past of Christian Grey
  • Who’s Elena Lincoln aka “Mrs. Robinson”?
  • Fifty Shades Freed (2018 installment)

I hope this second installment can be justified unlike the first one. I read the book, so when I watched the movie, I was kind of expecting more.


TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT – June 23, 2017transformers The Last Knight

What to watch out:

  • At least four more movies planned for the fans
  • Megatron is back to make things harder for Optimus Prime (AGAIN)
  • Decepticon Barricade is alive
  • Autobots in search of the artifact led them to King Arthur

Transformers have never disappointed me. I’m sure it’s going to be another box-office hit. Let’s enjoy the thrill as Optimus Prime seeks for the Creator.

Let’s just be a little patient. Some of the movies are already out. Hurry up and enjoy watching them.

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  1. Just finish watching the newest movie Transformers. Man they are pushing it to far with fantasy. Nevertheless it isn’t the same the old big guy. You all know him


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