Finest South Park Episodes So Far

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Eager fans of South Park the Tv show, love the funny, sarcastic and even nasty
elements of the show. It’s not unlikely that South Park episodes will make you even cry sometimes!

Re-watching the show is really common among the audience of South Park show, with more
than 50% of our subscribers claimed that they’ve re-watched the show. Here are the best
episodes of South Park, directly chosen by them.

Make Love Not Warcraft – Season 10

Among the highest rated South Park episodes, we find Make Love not Warcraft, and yes – it is a total mickey up of gamers. Here, the kids get obsessed with Warcraft, and despite not having a dark or pretty-funny message to talk about, this episode encapsulates the whole idea and essence of South Park entirely.

Bizarre events, naughty jokes, dirty & EWWW moments, plus the most swearing-worthy Cartman ever – among the best episodes of South Park – this one is maybe the one you shouldn’t ever dismiss. Even gamers after feeling directly attacked eventually loved this episode, and that’s a lot to say after one of the most sensible cultures got their stake in one of South Park best episodes ever.

Scott Tenorman Must Die – Season 5

Many say it is the best all-time episode of South Park; others say it is among their top 5, while others just say it is impossible to rank it among others as it surpasses others completely. Quality in South Park is much more than just animation or jokes; sometimes it even is about demonical deeds.

Cartman meets the ninth-grader and nemesis Scoot Tenorman who has humiliated Cartman many times before, and does it again in this episode – for the last time! Cartman becomes a total evil in the form of a fat child. The episode does not even end happily or funnily; it just ends up leaving the audience with an open mouth. Of course, it still manages to be funny in-between and give us a few cringe-worthy events to laugh about – but this is by far the darkest episodes and one of the best without a doubt.

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Good Times with Weapons – Season 8

Once again Season 8 in the list, with one of the most anime-like episodes in the whole series. Good Times with Weapons is a South Park translation of the “Don’t run with scissors or you’ll get cut.” Featuring the kids and poor Butters in a Japan-like ninja set of games, you’ll see how they fight for their life, learn new tricks, and Butters gets damaged once again.

The creators of South Park don’t think this is one of their best episodes, but fans all around the world knew how to appreciate the perfect animation and seemingly innocent jokes all around it. If you enjoyed previous episodes with bizarre themes, this one is not an exception, so you’ll very likely love it as well.

The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers – Season 6

If you are a Lord of The Ring fan and South Park enthusiast, then this magnificent episode is undoubtedly one of your favorite (or will be). Maybe the best parody in the whole series, the Return of the Fellowship of the King to the Two Towers tackles the entire Lord-of-the-Ring world with a cosplay-like game where Cartman, Kyle, and Stan trying to watch the real-life movie, end up with an adult film.

Butters appears as Gollum, we don’t see Kenny, yet we can eventually enjoy how Trey Parker and Matt Stone wrote a seemingly perfect comedy episode which any fan can attest to. It’s somehow cringe-worthy, but the laughs and great jokes are thrown at you via images & Cartman occurrences will certainly make you glad of having watched it.

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