Three Amazing Science Fiction Books You’ve Probably Never Read

There are just books left unnoticed on the shelf at home or from the bookstore because they were published before we were born or there was less money to show them off. It may also be safe to think that fantasy and science fiction only appeals to others as a movie, and not on hardbound.

Nevertheless, here is my list of the authors and their works that definitely are worthy of your attention.

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser
(Riyria Revelations)


If there’s something worthy to be on this list, that’s the Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser series by Fritz Leiber. These works took several decades to complete, and the title this collection reflects the names of the two best characters he probably has ever created in his entire career. These pieces became a pattern for fantasy and science fiction writers who came after him.

Lieber was an award-winning author born in 1910, had some acting jobs before he focused on writing and could be hailed as a master of horror, science fiction, and fantasy.

Garrett, P.I. arrangement
(Glen Cook)


This is actually a series featuring Garrett who works hard as a private investigator in the mythical city of TunFaire. These are witty adventures of a retired soldier who chose to solve mysteries in a locality also inhabited by enchanted creatures.

Glen Cook is a retired General Motors employee who now spends his time writing fantasy and science fiction books, if not with his loved ones.

The God Stalker Chronicles
P.C. Hodgell)


This is definitely a good read. The God Stalker Chronicles series revolve around the mishaps in Jamie’s life who struggles with how the society treats her. I would say this is a fantasy with a mix of drama and action.

She taped a whole course in science fiction on cassette.

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